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Job Position

The Singapore University of Technology and Design along with Massachusetts Institute of Design is hiring for a data-analytics, developer, & / or research role.

The roles offered are related to investigation, implementation, and analysis for a new research project awarded by the International Design Centre Singapore, initially a two-year program.

Project Description

This project focuses on if data-visualisation for use in a design context, could be best tackled from a 'decision first' point of view.

Developing design approaches and tools for industry which support the act of decision making. This is in contrast to a 'data first' approach where the visualisations used are dictated by the most appropriate way to show the data but what is done with that data is ignored.

The hypnosis is that actionable data-visualisation is inherently different and requires research to improve it as well as new interaction platforms to support good approaches.

The research is interdisciplinary anchored in Architecture, Structural Engineering and Geography / Planning domains by, Sam Joyce SUTD (principal investigator), Caitlin Muller MIT , and Ate Poorthuis SUTD respectively all with industry, software and research experience.

The spatial, visual, analytical and subjective nature of these disciplines makes them uniquely interesting when considering how design decisions are made.

Typically, with buildings, masterplans, and government initiatives there are a complex set of stakeholders with executive power.

This project aims to research and consider what types of visualisations are required to provide the best insight to help these people make these decisions.

Job Description

We are keen to take on someone who is enthusiastic about design and data visualisation. The role aims to give a motivated self-

starter the space and support to explore new concepts systems and implantations, guided within a group of domain experts with strong academic and industrial backgrounds.

The SUTD environment is new and well suited to those with initiative both professionally and socially.

  • The role is flexible and could cove one or more of the below topics;
  • Developing web-systems for gathering research data on professional decision making via interactive highly visual web-apps.
  • Ideally this would include both frontend with experience in relevant dynamic frameworks, also back end specifically node.

    js servers and basic MongoDB interop.

  • Experimental data analytics, visualisation and modelling. The project will be conducting interactive experiments on a wide range of already committed industry leaders, design students, and the general public via interactive platforms to gain first hand data to provide insights into the process.
  • The role will involve design and implementation of the experiments and subsequent analysis and exposition. Ensuring analytics rigor but also uncovering trends and relationships.

  • Development of webserver services to aid designers on decision making based on the recommendations in the initial research.
  • This may involve a full user system but also a web framework to help designers easily implement these approaches into their workflows.

    The job will be based in SUTD, with planned exchanges and openings to visit to work at MIT. Project researchers from MIT will visit and work collaboratively at SUTD.

    Furthermore, opportunities will be made to present and share the work at conferences based on research outcomes.

    Domain Background

  • Data-Scientist / Web-developer / Engineer / Architect / Geographer
  • Education

  • Holds a degree / masters / PhD in one of the above fields.
  • Skills

  • Keen design sense or willingness to learn
  • Interest or understating of the professional design and creative process
  • Experience in programming visually attractive projects
  • Required Proficiency

  • Python & / or JavaScript
  • Desired Proficiency

  • Data science / Analytics
  • D3.js & / or Node.js experience
  • 3D modelling WebGL / three.js / Rhino / Grasshopper / Dynamo
  • Photoshop / Creative Suite
  • Competitive salary
  • One-year contract with strong potential to extend (the current project is 2 years)
  • The role is based primarily in SUTD Singapore
  • Directly responsible to Sam Joyce
  • Health Insurance
  • Support for publication & open source projects.
  • Funding for international conferences and visit(s) to MIT
  • Applications are open to be made on a first come basis until the position is filled

  • C.V.
  • Work Portfolio (if relevant)
  • Links to current online work / GitHub (if relevant)
  • Any research or position questions direct to sam joyce

    1 The labs of the investigators can be found here :, ATE.

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